SHIBAWAR Whitepaper

Investor Benefits

By investing in Shibawar you will be obtaining much more than a calm conscience for helping the poor animals that die every year due to the rising pollution threatening our oceans.
You will also get:

Passive Autoclaimed BNB Rewards

Our self redistributing contract makes life easier for everyone, you as an investor will get a % of each transaction added to your wallet on the spot. Making Shibawar a token worth investing into, raising the value as selling is not as enticing.

Weekly Super Draws With Galactic Earnings

We believe in the force... The force of the amount of BNBs our holders will get every week.
The Super Draw function works by saving 1% of each transaction in BNB rewards that will be drawn every week amongst the holders.

Early Access To Our Upcoming Exclusive SHIBAWAR NFT Collection

NFTs are rising in popularity and there are more ways to collect money for good causes than ever. Be the first to join the SHIBAWAR family and obtain our exclusive NFTs, once we develop our NFT game a yet to be determined % of all sales will be donated to NGOs around the world to improve the health of the oceans while we also want to create a favorable market for all investors.
Last modified 10mo ago